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New Year Sale

Welcome to the magic of pattern and the power of texture! So you are planning to give a new look to your room with limited budget. Wallpaper in Karachi is frequently used to give a quick visual transformation to the interior.


Nothing gives a room more aesthetic appeal with less effort and technical skill than wallpaper. Wallpaper can enhance your home’s architecture and give your home a shot of color and design in any style and palette you can imagine. Along with paint and faux finishes, wallpaper should play an important part in your design choices. Although not as inexpensive as paint and glaze, wallpaper is also among the most affordable ways to achieve a complete design transformation. A few bolts of wallpaper cost considerably less than a new suite of furniture, bath fixtures, or kitchen appliances. Wallpaper is one of the most practical, accessible—and overlooked—ways of creating design and dimension in your home. Wallpaper can complement paint and faux finishes to create a complete decorating statement.




Our Korean wallpaper has a size of 3.5 feet width by 16.5 feet length or 42 inches width by 198 inches length. Our Chinese / Malaysian Roll has a size of 1.75 feet width × 33 feet length or 21 inches width × 396 inches length. A single wallpaper roll can cover up to 50 square feet of space.


The Focal Point Wall


The first principle says to begin the first trial layout at the center of the room’s focal point wall. The focal point wall is the one your eye is naturally drawn to when you enter the room. That’s generally one of these spots:


  • The portion of wall above a fireplace

  • The largest section of exposed wall in a bathroom or kitchen

  • The main section of wall in a kitchen eating area

  • The first wall you see as you enter the room.

  • The centerline runs down its middle


The wall with the room’s main window or windows (often located opposite the door). If there is only one window, no matter what its size, it becomes the focal point, and the centerline runs down its center. If there is more than one window but they are on different walls, the larger window is the focal point. If there are two or more windows close together or side by side, the focal point centerline lies midway between them. If you have corner windows or windows near the corner on two adjoining walls, they make a focal corner. Your layout starts at the vertical centerline of this wall.


Give us a call or book us online for a visit to your place. We offer catalogs of wallpaper in Karachi at your home or office. If you are not sure about your wall size and how many wallpapers you would need then you can also call our customer services offer to your place for a visit.

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