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Amin Amir Andani


Globally renowned Futurologist and Trendspotter, Magnus Lindkvist defines Amin as one of those rare individuals who combines a strong intellect and integrity with a vibrant personality and curiosity.


Amin heads a renowned social program called the Rickshaw Project, which is an initiative of Aga Khan National Council. It enhances on-road access of persons with disabilities through sustainable mobility solution and advocacy.

Amin is also a founder of PlanTabeer, which runs series of innovative social programs to connect disenfranchised population to profitable markets. An MBA from SZABIST, Amin was previously associated with Terrabiz.

Amin at the top of Express Tribune's Karachi Page

Sania Andani


A design expert, Sania looks after the marketing functions of Paintistan. She has played a major part in transforming Paintistan from a mere idea to an innovative market reality.

She has worked on numerous interior design projects on freelance basis during her association with  a renowned educational institute of higher studies.

An MBA, she also runs an innovation social project called Chaska on Wheels, which is food-on-rickshaw service run by people from underprivlaged backgrounds.  

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