Using Color to Create the Feeling you Desire | Home Décor Ideas in Pakistan

Have you ever tried on a mood ring? Supposedly, the color of the ring changes with your mood. Black means you are depressed, blue is calm, green is jealous, etc.

Whether you believe in mood rings or not, it’s true that color can affect how you feel in a room. However, not everyone responds to color in the same way.

For one person, red might evoke a sensual feeling, while for others it may be too intense and evoke a feeling of panic. White might be calming for some, while cold and institutional to others. Personality type and career may also play a role in how one is affected by color. For example, a fashion designer or artist who works in color and pattern all day long might be drawn to a neutral home environment or office which could offer less distraction and a sense of peace after a long day saturated in color. Yet for a nurse or doctor who works in a somewhat sterile environment, they may need to come home to bright or warm colors to either energize or soothe. So anyone trying to shortlist home décor ideas in Pakistan need to understand the colors and its impact on us.

One of the strongest factors that influences a reaction to color is culture. For example, in Western societies white implies purity and innocence and is widely used in weddings. Whereas in China and Pakistan, white is representative of the state of mourning.

While my personal belief is that you should choose color based on what you are naturally drawn to and like, there are many studies that suggest color can impact our feelings and lives significantly. According to the principles of Feng Shui, color can play a role in helping to obtain love, prosperity, tranquility, joy, good health, and more. On the flip side, it can also over-stimulate, depress, and cause bad fortune. When you are planning to shortlist your home décor ideas in Pakistan, try to understand the psychology behind the follow colors and apply accordingly.

Home decor ideas in pakistan - red bedroom


Intense. Love. Caution. Passion. Beware. Red is a very emotional color. It is supposed to stimulate a faster heartbeat. Red is love. Red is a good color to use for accents in the home. Use caution when using in a child’s room as it can over-stimulate.


The color of the sun, yellow invokes optimism, youth, fun, and good cheer. While it’s usually associated with upbeat, optimistic, and sunny feelings in the west, studies reveal that when a room is painted bright yellow, it may cause a rise in bad temper and can increase irritability and crying in babies. Therefore, you want to avoid strong bright yellows in the nursery and bedroom. Use a lighter version such as cream in those areas.

Home decor ideas in pakistan - blue bedroom


Blue is associated with tranquility, loyalty, wisdom, and trust. A popular color for bedrooms, blue invokes the sea and sky and is known to relax and help concentration. Use in the bedroom, nursery (lighter and pastel blues), sitting room, study, bathroom, or spa. If the color is too dark the impression created can be depressing and cold unless used with other warming colors and textures. Avoid in dining rooms or areas where there is a lot of activity, unless you would like to call in tranquility to those areas.

Home decor ideas in pakistan - green bedroom