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Home & Commercial Painting

If you planning to search a commercial or home painter in Karachi then you are at the right place. With highly skilled painters and usage of modern techniques, Paintistan offers impeccable and on-time painting services in Karachi.


Over the course of our journey of engagement with you, we also try our best to educate you about paints and paint application, so your dream home or office becomes a reality. If you plan to a paint house in Karachi or paint office in Karachi, there are a few things that you need to be aware about paints in order to make right decisions. We don’t want you to be reliant on paint shops in Karachi or paint contractors in Karachi to make a decision for you but we want you to be aware about making right choices about the kind of paint, the kind of finish and the kind of tone.

Water-based paint

Water-based or latex paints are made with a synthetic polyvinyl material that is water soluble, allowing for easy clean up. Latex paints dry more quickly than oil-based paints and release less off-gassing odor as they dry. Their fast-drying properties permit quicker recoating. Latex paints are also more elastic than oil-based paints and, as such, are less prone to substrate cracking.

Oil-based paint

Oil paints tend to be more durable and resistant to wear and tear. Made with an alkyd base, they dry much more slowly than latex paints. Consequently, they produce smoother finishes since brush strokes and other discrepancies tend to disappear as the paint layer levels itself.

Primer Paint

With all finish paints, the success of the final surface depends on the preparation of the wall or object being painted. It is common practice to prime a wall prior to painting; adding a few drops of the paint color into the primer allows for better concealment and coverage. Primers are also often necessary when changing from one sheen to another. Primers should be used for the following conditions: all uncoated surfaces, wallpaper, patched/repaired areas, paneling, stained areas, existing oil-based paint, and dramatic changes in color.

Stains and Varnishes

Stains, an alternative to paint, are color finishes that absorb into the material they are being applied to-usually wood. Stains come in a range of transparencies, controlling how much of the substrate remains visible once the stain is applied. Stains are unsuitable as finishes alone and need to be varnished to create a durable surface. Varnishes are transparent films and are available in several sheens.

Types of Sheens of Paints in Karachi


The finished surface of paint is often referred to in relation to its sheen-the level of gloss the paint has when dry. The choice of a paint sheen for a particular application will affect how it performs, its durability, and the extent to which it can be cleaned and maintained. Sheens also affect the way light and color are reflected from a painted surface, and they can serve to highlight various aspects of a room.



This kind of finish not reflective; hides surface imperfections, but makes it difficult to remove stains; good for low-traffic areas.




This kind of finish is more reflective than a flat paint; hides surface imperfections and stains can be scrubbed out; ideal for medium-traffic areas.




This kind of finish is minimal gloss, but more reflective than eggshell; provides a durable finish that is easier to clean than flat or eggshell; good for most spaces




This kind of finish is slightly glossy appearance; highly durable and easily cleaned, also moisture-retardant; good for wet areas


Paint sheens in karachi.jpg


This kid of finish is very reflective; good for highlighting detail such as trim and moldings; ideal for doors and cabinets.


Ceiling Flats


This kind of finish is spatter-resistant; designed especially for painting ceilings.



So if you have made a final decision to paint your office or paint house in Karachi and you are looking to find a painter in Karachi then just call our customer services agent to book a visit to your place. After the visit, our team will let you know the quote and numbers of days to convert your dream home or office into reality.

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