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Portfolio of Mural Projects

If you are planning to give a unique look to your office or home, mural is the answer. Wall murals in Karachi not only beautify your place but it create an exclusive identity, as well. Take the example of the Rickshaw Project that gives hand-controlled rickshaws to persons with disabilities. Paintistan has transformed the look of these conventional rickshaws through colorful front and back murals. This has created a unique identity of the brand and they have even managed to engage some of the leading celebrities of Pakistan to promote it.


Like Rickshaw Project, a high-end continental restaurant based in DHA Karachi called Dialogue Café created a photo booth wall art that helped it to enhance its social media presence. Everyone visiting Dialogue Café gets a selfie clicked in front of the wings design made by Paintistan and the visitors usually uploads the same on their social media. As the mural has the name of Dialogue Café written on it, it helps promote the café as well. A number of mainstream celebrities has also got their pictures uploaded on social media with the dialogue café mural. Imagine a celebrity having millions of following on social media sharing your brand name amongst their followers!


If you run a school in Karachi and looking to impact the learning outcome of students, murals or wall arts in Karachi can also play a major role. We did some murals for a renowned school that featured some of the world’s famous scientist, educationalist, social worker and sports personality. We painted the faces represented in an artistic form along with a famous quote of that personality. These paintings have become synonymous with the school’s brand identity.


No matter what business you run or what residential place you have, murals are relevant for every wall. This is the reason murals have been in place from the pre-historic times.


Design Selection


We have a large collection of mural designs shown above that can be hand painted on your walls. You can also send us your designs from internet or get it developed by your designer. Not matter how complex the design is, our expert team of wall painters can create all sorts of murals. We have also recently introduced our customized wall art design solution in Karachi, where our expert panel of illustrators take design brief from you and create unique illustrations for you.




Unlike simple wall paint, the wall murals in Karachi have a few different factors that determine the pricing of the output. These factors include the size of the artwork and the complexity of design. These two factors can make cost of design of one art completely different from other. These two factor playout to determine the price simultaneously. For example, you want to get a figurative art painted on a 16x10 feet wall and we quote you “x” amount for it. The price will have a very minor impact on price if you reduce the size to 10x10 feet because the design will have to make the same design in both cases, no matter what is the size of the wall.

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